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  • Money on the Spot – You get money in hand & we’ll provide you a receipt when we pick up the vehicle.
  • We Come to You – We offer appointment times at your convenience & most deals can be completed in 24 hours..
  • Licensed & Insured – GreenCash4Cars is a fully insured and dealer licensed auto buying service. Cal Lic# 40781.
  • We Buy All Makes & Models – Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV’s. High Miles. Repairs Needed. No Problem. We Buy them All!

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Get More Cash For Cars & Trucks in Newport Beach

Selling your car in Newport Beach doesn't need to be a stressful event.  GreenCash4Cars has been paying cash for cars & trucks in Newport Beach and surrounding areas, for almost 30 years.  We give free price estimates and can pay OVER dealer trade in value. Call us today and get a free price quote.  It's 100% hassle free.  We come to your home or office to inspect your car and give you a honest, fair price for your car.  Call (949) 584-1106.

Sell My Car for Cash in Newport Beach!

If you've been wondering about the absolute best way to sell your car for cash in Newport Beach and how to get the most cash possible, you can stop wondering.  GreenCash4Cars is the easiest, safest and most painless way to sell your used car in the Newport Beach area. Is your registration due?  Do you still owe money on your car? No Title? Does your car need a smog certification?  This is no problem for GreenCash4Cars.  We will handle all of the DMV paperwork and give you the most money possible for your used car or truck.  We've been doing business in Newport Beach for nearly 30 years and we are bonded & insured. Give us a call or use our online quote form today to sell your car fast to us.

We Buy Cars In Newport Beach!

toyota used car newport beachThat's right.  We buy cars, trucks, SUV's & mini vans in Newport Beach and the surrounding beach city areas.  It doesn't matter if you still owe payments on your car.  Or if you don't have the title, need a smog certification or owe registration fees.  We need high quality pre-owned vehicles like yours and we buy cars for the most money possible.  When we buy your car, we come to you and handle all of the DMV transfer paperwork. We've been doing business in Newport Beach for nearly 30 years and we are bonded & insured.  Give us a call or use our online quote form today to sell your used car to us.

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We Also Buy Trucks, Mini Van's & SUV's In Newport Beach!

we buy suv escapeIf you have a truck, mini van or SUV you need to sell fast, don't worry, we buy those too. Dodge Caravan, Chevy Tahoe, Ford F-150, crossovers, we buy all makes & models for cash.  Do you still owe money on your car?  Does your car need a smog certification?   We need your quality used vehicles to sell to our network of dealerships around Newport Beach & Orange County. Cadillac Escalade, Jeep Wrangler,Mercedes ML and all other sport utilities are vehicles we want to buy and pay you cash.  Call or fill out our form for a fast price quote.

We Can Pay You More Than Everyone Else!

money for your carThat's right.  We can pay you MORE MONEY!  We provide a large volume of vehicles for franchised dealer pre-owned inventory on a monthly basis.  Because of the demand for quality used vehicles, we are able to offer you more than dealer trade in value in many cases. This gets you the most cash for your car fast, simple & easy.  We want you to get a great price for your car, but we also want you to enjoy the experience and tell your friends & family about how easy it is to sell a used car to GreenCash4Cars.  You won't be disappointed.

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